Exclusive Lead Generation – Niche/Major City Claim


Lead Generation to be done through any means we may identify as being the most beneficial for our clients.  The immediate needs of the client will be taken into consideration as we develop and put into place various lead generating assets.  If immediate leads are required, some form of online display ads may be employed on social media sites while more long term assets are SEO optimized.

As we will immediately start spending lots of time and money building up the lead generation assets for each client, this fee is non-refundable.

Please be aware, If we are already working with another client in your targeted niche and local area, we regret that will not be able to work with you.  We work on an exclusive basis only, for each niche/major city combination.  For example, if we are working with a client for Towing in the Metro Orlando, Florida area, we will not be able to work with you for Towing in Union Park, Florida.  It would be considered part of the entire Metro Orlando area.