Analytical Call Tracking

Analytical Call Tracking: Why Every Business Should have This


Most business owners online take pleasure in Analytical Call Tracking, or ACT for short. This is a new technology that will allow businesses to increase conversions, justify how much they spend for their marketing and advertisements and cut down on advertising that is ineffective. This kind of platform can track what the visitor did on your website and when they actually give you that call. Or if they contacted you from an offline marketing source; like direct mail, flyers, magazines, etc. With this kind of powerful tracking, you can acquire the exact visitor path and what the visitor did before and after he or she made that phone call. Thus, for the first time ever, having an absolutely true grasp and control over the entire companies marketing portfolio and the ability to make the necessary changes to those programs that are provide a less than satisfactory return on investment.

An ACT report will provide you with every keyword, page visited, website referral, or offline marketing that urged your visitor to give you a call and you can keep track of how new callers found you.  And through that, you can create more effective strategies to increase the number of clients calling you. Also, you can gather what interests them, and this will provide you with knowledge of where to market yourself more, as you can see what pages they visited or looked at when they were searching for your services. The best thing is that you will also know what point they actually picked up the phone and called you. What encouraged them to do so? From there, you can determine if your advertisements were effective. And all inbound calls are recorded through our patented “whisper” technology that is FCC compliant and will provide many businesses to additionally monitor their employees that are responsible for handling inbound phone calls, giving you even more control over your business marketing campaigns.

With Analytical Call Tracking, you can see the number of phone calls generated by a specific marketing campaigns, as they will each be given their own specific tracking phone number that forwards to whichever main company line desired.

How does this actually work?

Analytical Call Tracking works through a patent-pending software that will automatically change the telephone number shown to every website visitor. Once a visitor calls that number, the software will get to identify the visitor’s path.

With this kind of call tracking, you can guarantee more business improvement and through this, you can see how much your business will grow in just a short amount of time. This kind of tracking is entirely beneficial to all businesses, in any market today. All businesses are encouraged to get this awesome software. Increase your chances of getting more sales and leads and make room for more positive changes. And for the first time, know exactly how your entire companies marketing strategies are working, and then manage what works best.