Google+ Guide

I like the clean, simple interface of Google Plus, and I find it relatively uncomplicated to use.
Also I feel Google Plus has that quality that gets you hooked onto it pretty quickly.

The more I’ve used Google Plus the more I’ve felt the need for a good Google Plus guide which would help me reach a good comfort level on google and get me up and running, quick and easy.

I’ve found that the only option for anyone wanting to know all about Google Plus is to search around and refer to ten different sources, and browse through hundreds of links more, to gain a good comfort level on Google Plus

I’ve created this guide, to provide you with good, practical knowledge, to help you use Google Plus like a pro, and to provide you with the best resources on Google Plus, in one place, so you don’t have to do any mammoth searching, the way I had to.
Hope you’ll find this guide helpful.

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Source: Squidoo