How to find new clients using LinkedIn

Linkedin is a social networking site for professionals. It is an excellent marketing tool for gaining clients. The following advice can help you be successful at doing social network marketing on a site that has thousands of members from various occupations.

-Because your Linkedin profile is like an online resume, make sure it?s updated and accurate. Like a printed resume, you don?t want it loaded with outdated information, and worse, lies. Also, be as detailed as possible about your job responsibilities. This step is highly necessary because potential clients will review your Linkedin profile in the same manner a job recruiter reviews your printed resume.

-Include links to your website and online portfolio. This allows you to showcase your work to potential clients.

-Once your Linkedin profile is ready to showcase, start searching for clients. This is easier than creating your profile. Simply go to Google and type in Linkedin, the city you?re interested in targeting, and the type of business you want to connect with. Let?s take, for example, you?re interested in getting web designers in Los Angeles as clients. Here?s what you would type:

Linkedin + Los Angeles + web design owners

The search engine results page will return with a listing of Linkedin members who are web design owners residing Los Angeles.

Click on the link you?re interested in (the link will be for Linkedin). Once you?re in Linkedin, review the person?s profile to see if you should contact him or her for a possible business relationship.

If you are, click the link ?add (person/business name) to your network. This link is located on the right side.

After clicking this link, a web page with an invitation to invite your person/company of interest to connect with you appears. If you don?t know this person and click this button, Linkedin will not let you get any further. However, there?s a trick around this roadblock:

Dot-click on ?other.? A box asking for the potential client?s email address will appear. Go back to the person?s Linkedin profile and look for a link to their website. At their website, search for an email address. Copy this and take it back to the invitation webpage. Paste it in the box that asks for an email address. Click ?send invitation.?

That?s it. Since most professionals on Linkedin are looking to extend their network, they will likely connect with you. It may take time to make some connections; some Linkedin profilers aren?t as active as others. Even if some professionals choose not to connect with you, there will be plenty that will.

When you successfully make a connection, send your new connection a message via Linkedin. Thank him or her for connecting with you. At this time, make known your purpose for connecting. Here?s an example of what you can say (modify this to fit your business? services):

Hi (person?s name):

Thank you for connecting with me on Linkedin. At this time I would like to extend my SEO copywriting services to your business. Please visit my website at for information on my services, rates, and to view my portfolio.

Upon viewing these details, I hope that you will be interested in conducting business with me. Thus, I look forward to hearing from you.


Pamela Jones

From experience, I have gained clients (and good ones) by taking this bold step of social network marketing via Linkedin.

Social network marketing couldn?t be easier. So try it!

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