Custom Marketing Package for D&J

From $600.00 / year

$800.00 / month with a sign-up fee of $600.00
$600.00 / year


Building your website’s reputation and authority through external means, like acquiring backlinks from other reputable websites and engaging on social media platforms. As part of this, we would engage in Directory Listing Citations, Targeted Backlink Acquisition and PPC – 10x.
  • Directory Listing Citations – We list your business in key online directories, improving SEO through credible backlinks and enhancing local search visibility. It’s essential for establishing trust and consistency in your business information across the web. These help your GBP map rankings.
  • Targeted Backlink Acquisition – We strategically acquire backlinks with keyword-rich anchor text from reputable websites to your service pages. This boosts your site’s organic search rankings by directly enhancing page authority and relevance.
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising – Managing paid advertising campaigns, primarily on search engines and social media. This involves keyword research, ad creation, bidding strategies, and monitoring campaign performance to drive targeted traffic to your website. Google and Facebook do not make up the entire ad market, so we will leverage another platform I can gain access to which encompasses 95% of the ad market.
The yearly price covers recurring fees from 3rd party platforms that will be utilized.


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